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Healthy Habits

Munch & Move is a program to support healthy habits and environments in early childhood education. Munch & Move assists educators to implement a fun, play-based approach to healthy eating and physical activity with young children. The Munch & Move program fits within the early childhood education and care sector’s National Quality Framework. The Munch & Move program is a government initiative to encourage healthy habits at a young age.

We love to see children experience the process first hand so we integrate cooking experiences within the program so children become mini MasterChef’s. This encourages children to see what ingredients go into food and have discussions about the healthy concept including what’s good for our bodies and why.

This programs also covers experiences like games and activities around natural foods, recycling, health, sometimes foods.

Having a nutritious diet and being physically active are essential for healthy growth and development. Early childhood education supports children to develop and practice healthy eating and physical activity habits and to learn a range of movement skills that will help them to more confidently take part in physical activity throughout their lives.

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